Title: Industrial Engineer
Duties: Duties: Review project proposals and plans to develop project objectives in
consultation with management. Once a project is approved, ensure engineering receives
equipment (Wet Electrostatic Precipitator) sizing details and project specific requirements.
This includes a comprehensive review of the project proposal and project contract. Develop
project schedule by examining commercial and technical project proposals and calculating
time requirements and structuring project activities. This includes assigning specific
engineering tasks ( Creating BOMs, Component drawings, Assembly drawings, etc.) and
procuring delivery times from purchasing to establish project time-line. Monitor project
progress and coordinate project activities to maintain project schedule. This includes
organizing weekly project meetings, updating project schedule records and making
necessary adjustments ( Reassigning tasks, modifying schedules, reassessing project goals,
etc.). Prepare inspection test plans and quality control procedures for individual projects to
ensure product performance. Verify project specific specifications are met for test plans.
Verify and document vendor inspection reports. Maintain project database by collecting,
entering and backing up project data including all project specifications, engineering
documents (BOM, Assembly drawings, Component drawings, etc.), client and vendor
communications, Inspection reports, Work instructions, Packaging Instructions, etc. Tools
and Technologies: Autocad 2017, Inventor 2017 to review and correct engineering
documents. Microsoft Project for project scheduling and management. Microsoft Visio for
creating work instructions, warehousing instructions and packing instructions. Witness
simulation software to design, simulate and analyze in house component production. MS
Office suite for documentation and engineering calculations.
Other: Full Time. Travel involved to unanticipated client locations within US.
Requirements: Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering or Equivalent. Any suitable
combination of education, training or experience accepted.

Location: Brooklyn, NY.

Respond to: HR – Code HM, Beltran Technologies, Inc., 1133 East 35th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11210.


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